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Jambojet is a Low Cost carrier (LCC) owned by Kenya Airways. At present, the airline flies to Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu.

There has been a lot of confusion on how this thing actually works to truly validate the “Low Cost” concept. It’s been my view that KQ/Jambojet has done a terrible job in educating its potential clients, myself included. The only difference between me and many of KQ’s low doe potential customers is that I have used a Low Cost Carrier before in Tanzania. They had it first.

KQ did more to educate the masses about their newly acquired state of the art sky cruiser Boeing 787 aka the Dreamliner than they did with Jambojet. Lol.

So what is the concept behind an LCC and how does it actually function? I posted this query to my travel agent, Global Holidays, and they hit me back with the following.

Flying on Jambojet is substantially lower than flying regular airlines like KQ or Fly 540 for example, depending on how far your booking date is from your departure date.

Fares start at KES 2850 one way only and this should afford you a seat. This fare is not guaranteed if you want to fly out tomorrow to Kisumu, for example.

You will need to pay taxes as that KES 2850 does not include taxes and we all know that the tax regime in this country is not kind. But your fare should still be lower than flying KQ if you book weeks (or months or a year) before departure date. Kenyans gotta learn some planning now. It pays to plan, thanks to Jambojet.

When planning, you have to be sure that you really want to fly on that specified day because Jambojet don’t do refunds unless you cancel your booking on the same day the ticket is purchased. You still stand to lose KES 2000 to Jambojet (for wasting their time… I’m just speculating) and they give you back KES 850 only. If you did reservation via an agent, let’s say Global Holidays, they get to charge you a service fee of KES 500. This leaves you with only KES 350. No winning here.

Any itinerary changes will also attract a fee which is communicated only at the time of making the change and must be made one hour prior to departure.

The only free baggage permitted is 10 Kg hand luggage. Check-in luggage is permitted at a further fee of KES 1000 per one way up to 15 Kg. Jambojet is basically an airline suited for light traveling.

Last but not least. Any food and drinks on board Jambojet have to be paid for on the spot. Using the toilet is still free ….For now at least. :)

Good day and remember that it’s wise to plan. It pays even.


Sweet mother of God. 

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For your sins

For My Sins #ThankYouLadyJesus

#Infographic: The Illmatic Influence #IllmaticAt20


The Pyramid of Gaius Cestius in Rome, Italy, built in 12 BC, 1820 painting by M. Dubourg. (Harvard Library)


Can you appreciate that this is an animated drawing of someone drawing and it’s fucking perfect.

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Overhead transmission lines – View on Path.



Hennessy V.S and Nas Celebrate 20 Years of Illmatic

Hennessy V.S hosted an intimate brunch at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs during week one of Coachella to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nas’ legendary “Illmatic” album with an exclusive look at the new documentary, “Time is Illmatic.”

Following his amazing performance on the Coachella stage Saturday night, where he amazed the crowd with special appearances from Jay Z and Diddy, Nas along with Hennessy V.S hosted an intimate brunch on Sunday offering a sneak peak of the new documentary film, “Time is Illmatic.” Held at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, guests of the event included Lance Gross, Eva Marcille, Damon Wayans, Jernaine Dupri, and more. Guests were treated to brunch while they sipped on classic and innovative Hennessy concoctions throughout the day before being treated to an exclusive screening of the trailer for Time is Illmatic, co-created and produced by Illa Films producers, One 9 and Erik Parker. “Time is Illmatic” will premier at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 16. Nas’ 20th anniversary re-release Illmatic,  Illmatic XX is available today.

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#Hilarious: Jimmy Kimmel aka Briefcase Joe getting some rapping lessons from Eminem

Hip Hop Ain’t Dead: Leaders Of The School feat. Bishop  Nehru, Dillion Cooper & Joey Bada$$